Bachelor of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Study Mode: On-Campus, Distance Learning
Campus Locations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
Attendance Mode: Full-time, Part-time

This qualification is recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework.

CRICOS Code: 094685K

Counselling and Psychotherapy is professionally regarded as the most sophisticated approach to clinical practice with clients. It is a multidisciplinary approach, which means it is a psychotherapy that considers equally the biological, cultural, sociological, psychological, philosophical, spiritual, and psychodynamic factors when working with people. While the course therefore draws from all these diverse fields, it is in teaching the integration of these disciplines that makes the Ikon syllabus on par with the most advanced and up-to-date research and practice in psychotherapy available today.

Key Information

Application Close Date: Monday 23 August 2021


Bachelor of
Counselling and Psychotherapy


3 years full-time (or part-time equivalent)






This qualification is FEE-HELP approved for eligible applicants.

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Counselling & Psychotherapy is designed to provide graduates with a broad and coherent body of knowledge relating to the field of psychotherapy, with a specific emphasis to embed a conceptual framework, and model of psychotherapeutic practice for the ‘whole person’.

This degree provides you with the practical skills and theoretical foundation you need to integrate Psychotherapy into your existing vocation or to establish a new career as a private practitioner. This unique course is inclusive of traditional healing methods and incorporates, in a live fashion, cutting edge science.  You will learn to assist your clients in moving forward in a healing and holistic sense.

Through your personal experiential learning and personal development you will learn the skills to personally engage with each and every client. You will learn various approaches and techniques and most importantly learn to adapt and utilise your knowledge and approach to the needs of your client with a unique and specialised Mind, Body and Spirit approach.

At Ikon, we place a huge emphasis on Psychotherapy (understanding one’s self) as well as giving you the skills to be both an excellent theoretical practitioner and a wonderful human. We recognise that with just the theoretical knowledge alone, you are likely to have a limited capacity to make a great counsellor.

Professional Recognition

This course is approved by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Graduates will be eligible for Level 2 membership with the possibility of increasing membership levels after acquiring the appropriate amount of professional development and experience. Please visit the ACA website for specific details.

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Face to face delivery is an essential part of quality learning. Ikon’s experienced teaching staff will support you during your studies and share a variety of real-life approaches and experiences to help you develop your professional skills, and feel confident and career-ready, upon completion of your course.

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Smaller class sizes creating a dynamic and supportive learning environment for students

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A journey that mixes theory with experiential processes to ensure students obtain a deeper understanding of what is being taught

do i have to be good at art

Student support through the entire lifecycle of your learning, with our dedicated team of Student Counsellors and Academic staff

Course Structure

Counselling & Psychotherapy Program Course Structure

There are a total of 24 subjects plus a 240-hour placement.

Course Subjects

Year 1, Trimester 1

  • Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Models of Therapeutic Practice 1
  • Integrative Systems of Health and Wellbeing 1

Year 1, Trimester 2

  • Case Conceptualisation 1
  • Integrative Psychotherapy in Practice 1
  • Models of Therapeutic Practice 2

Year 1, Trimester 3

  • Integrative Psychotherapy in Practice 2
  • Ethics and Politics in Psychotherapy
  • Foundations of Professional Competency


Year 2, Trimester 1

  • Altered State Techniques in Psychotherapy
  • Introduction to Mental Health: Wellbeing and Distress
  • Treatment of Grief & Loss in Psychotherapy

Year 2, Trimester 2


  • Creative Art Modalities – Introduction to Dramatherapy
  • Psychotherapy with Different Client Populations – Psychotherapy with Young People
  • Social Ecology – Eco-psychotherapy
  • Transpersonal Theory and Practice – Dreams and Symbols in Psychotherapy


  • Understanding Systems in Psychotherapy
  • Life Span Development

Year 2, Trimester 3

  • Psychotherapy & the Body in the Treatment of Trauma
  • Narrative, Identity and Integrative Processes
  • Case Conceptualisation 2


Year 3, Trimester 1

  • Introduction to Research Methods


  • Creative Art Modalities – Introduction to Dance and Movement Therapy
  • Psychotherapy with Different Client Populations – Psychotherapy with People with Addictive Behaviours
  • Social Ecology – Art and Social Change
  • Transpersonal Theory and Practice – Eastern Practice and Western Psychology


  • Creative Art Modalities – Introduction to Voice and Sound Therapy
  • Psychotherapy with Different Client Populations – Psychotherapy with People with Disabilities
  • Social Ecology – Indigenous Approaches to Wellbeing
  • Transpersonal Theory and Practice – Integrative Sytems of Health and Wellbeing 2

Year 3, Trimester 2

  • Practicum 1 
  • Clinical Supervision 1
  • Practicum 2

Delivery Format

Course delivery will be through a combination of facilitated classroom learning , self-directed learning and work placement.

Each trimester is 13 weeks in duration, consisting of 12 teaching weeks and 1 week of self-directed learning.

Please refer to the timetable in each state for specific delivery format as this may vary across campuses.

Interested in studying this course online? Click here to learn more about our distance learning options.

Graduate Pathways

The Bachelor of Counselling & Psychotherapy will cater for:

  • Students with no prior learning in Counselling & Psychotherapy.
  • Students who have completed an accredited Counselling Diploma or Advanced Diploma and wish to further expand their knowledge.

The course aims to develop graduates who will be able to work appropriately and professionally in therapeutic settings in both the public and private sectors.

Graduates from this program will be well placed for employment opportunities in Australia and other Western societies because of their comprehensive skill and knowledge set underlying their flexible and encompassing practice.

Download the course brochure here.

Admission Criteria

Ikon has a range of admission pathways available to students of all circumstances and academic backgrounds. For admission to this course you must meet one of the following academic requirements:

  • Australian Secondary School Certificate with a minimum ATAR 65
  • Completion of a VET qualification at Certificate IV level or higher
  • Completion (or partial) of a higher education qualification

Applicants who finished senior secondary school more than two years ago, or have not undertaken any formal accredited study, may gain entry in recognition of their work and life experiences. Work/Life applicants must be at least 21 years of age when they commence their studies and are required to submit a written admission statement of 300 to 500 words outlining their reasons for wanting to study. For more information about writing your admissions statement please click here.

All applicants are subject to an interview.

For more information see:

Application Process
Domestic Student Admission Policy
Student Profile Table

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