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Ikon Distance Education and Learning (IDEAL)

Challenge yourself to change lives by studying our Counselling courses via Distance Learning. Ikon offers the following Distance Learning courses:

For over 30 years Ikon has been supporting students to become the best counsellors and therapists they can be. We have several campuses across Australia but now you have the opportunity to study with us online. Our live online classes mean you’re in direct contact with your lecturers in every single class.

IDEAL can provide you with a great alternative to our on-campus classes.

You will be part of

  • a well-supported, positive, online community of fellow learners from across the country.
  • live weekly lectures with your teacher, not just pre-recorded materials.
  • a small class, giving you the opportunity to actively listen, learn and communicate with your lecturer and classmates.

You will have

  • the chance to meet and interact with some of your peers at on-campus week-long intensive subjects, or even special retreats.
  • real-life industry placement opportunities that provide you with the essential experience to become a therapist.
  • the opportunity to join our online student clinic to gain experience as a therapist with real clients.

Benefits of IDEAL

These courses were introduced for students who are interested in studying counselling and psychotherapy or arts therapy but live too far from campus to attend classes. We understand that not everyone has the flexibility to travel to our inner-city campuses or may live in locations where our courses are not currently offered. We believe it’s essential for this community to have access to an excellent online version of our courses and provide them with the same opportunities as our on-campus students.

IDEAL classes are run online, however, these lessons have the same structure as an on-campus class. You can participate in live lectures, ask questions, submit your assessments, meet and work alongside other students, access online support sessions, use our online material and resources, and check your results. Apart from lessons, you will have access to all these resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As our classes are run live by our highly qualified lecturers, you will feel like you’re in the classroom!

What does an IDEAL class look like?

IDEAL classes are designed to provide you with the same experience as our on-campus classes. We use Zoom, one of the most popular video conferencing platforms and first choice for hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.

Logging in to your class early allows you to catch up with classmates while waiting for your lecturer to commence the lesson

Your lecturer may share their own slides or ask you to refer to the resources and materials provided to you prior to the lesson.

Your lecturer may break up the class into small groups during a lesson to discuss lesson content or work on an assessment before re-joining the class.

Students will be able to take a break during each lesson, allowing them to catch up, or grab a quick drink or a snack.

Every lesson is different. Your lecturer may begin with some relaxation and breathing exercises, or a class discussion.

Our classes are highly interactive and engaging, you will regularly interact with the lecturer and your peers.

IDEAL uses an online learning platform called Canvas. Once you receive your Canvas account details you will have access to your scheduled Zoom lessons, your timetable, learning materials, and resources.

Have a question? We’ve probably answered it!

What will I be learning?

Classes are similar to our on-campus delivery but modified appropriately to suit distance learning. For more details about the subjects you will be studying, head to our counselling and psychotherapy or arts therapy course pages.

Are all classes online?

Yes! All classes will be conducted through Zoom and are in real time with a live lecturer, not delayed or pre-recorded.

What do I need?

You will need an iPad or computer to attend your classes, and complete your weekly study tasks and assessments.

You will use Canvas to access your study materials. This fantastic learning management system gives you access to course outlines, slides, readings and any additional information relating to your studies. Canvas will also provide you with information on how to submit your assessments.

Arts Therapy students will need to supply their own art materials and ensure they have access to a suitable place to ake art and participate in movement exercises.

Click here to read through our Arts Therapy Materials List for Distance Learning Students. 

How many classes do I have?

IDEAL has the same teaching structure as our on-campus delivery. Each academic year consists of three study periods called trimesters. Each trimester consists of 11 weeks of teaching plus one exam week. A full-time study load consists of 9 subjects per year (3 subjects per trimester). You should allow for 3 hours per subject for lectures and tutorials. Please remember that if you are an international student, you are required to undertake a full-time study load.

Are there additional study requirements?

It is important to know that there are additional study requirements apart from your live lectures. You should spend approximately 10 hours per week for self-directed study to complete prescribed readings, practice skills, research, study, and additional time to complete assessments.

When will my classes be scheduled?

Classes are scheduled across two days. Each day will consist of a morning and afternoon class with adequate time for a lunch break in between. If you have a third class it may be in the evening from 5.30pm-8.30pm.

Do I need to attend classes at the scheduled time?

Yes, you are expected to attend and/or engage in all scheduled lectures, tutorials, and workshops. We don’t record our classes as they often cover very sensitive topics.

Will I have library access?

We have a growing online library for students to utilise throughout their studies. You will have access to books, academic journals and a variety of resources.

What's Next?

If you’d like to learn more about our distance education options or find out how to apply, kindly fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about our courses, head to our Arts Therapy, or Counselling and Psychotherapy page.