Student Support

Counselling Services

Counselling services are available to students for psycho-emotional support and therapeutic intervention. Ikon’s counselling team is trained to work with any issues of concern. If you are experiencing any obstacles that may affect your study or would like to optimise your study and/or focus on self-care etc the Counselling team are here to help. Students are encouraged, as early as possible, ideally before studies are affected, to access Ikon’s free, confidential counselling service. These services are available online between 9am and 5pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and 10am to 6pm Tuesday and Friday. To book an appointment login to your Student Hub on Canvas. Our team look forward to supporting you during your studies.

The benefits of this include:

  • Familiarising yourself with therapeutic approaches.
  • Learning new behaviours and/or responses which can help you to achieve your goals.
  • Understanding your own thoughts, feelings and responses better.
  • Developing skills and understanding for improving relationships.
  • Working towards greater self-understanding and fulfillment.

Our Counselling Team

Counsellor/Art Therapist: Lisa Duggan
Availability online and Brisbane campus


Counsellor: Suzanne Pfitzner
Availability online


Counsellor: Candyce Linington
Availability online


Academic Support

Academic Support helps students realise their learning, studying and academic potential. The team is available to all students from the very beginning of their studies right through to graduation. There are online resources available which are currently being updated for next year. An individual 1:1 session (30mins) can be booked with a team member anytime and this is done via the support page on Canvas.
Study Skills Resources have been developed for students in establishing good study practices from the onset of your learning at Ikon and to ensure that you are aware of the expectations when it comes to the more formal part of your learning and assessments.­ This can be found on your Student Hub.
While the team has individual specialties, any one of them can assist in areas such as:

  • Study habits, time management, procrastination
  • Understanding an essay or assignment task
  • Essay planning, writing, and editing
  • APA-7 referencing
  • Discussing key concepts related to specific subjects
  • Using and integrating lecturer feedback for assignments.
  • And more

To book an appointment login to your student hub on Canvas. For any questions please contact 1300 000 933.

Student Experience Team

We are dedicated to supporting and guiding you through your journey with us at Ikon. Each member of our Student Experience Team is highly experienced and can answer your queries such as:

  • Timetables and Attendance
  • Enrolment Options / Study Plans /Academic Progression
  • Special Consideration
  • Reasonable Adjustment
  • Submissions / Marking / Resulting / Grades
  • Transcripts
  • Deferral / Withdrawal / Exit Points
  • Guidance through your Student Portal
  • RPL / Credit
  • Referral to student support services
  • Library
  • Printing, copying, access to on-campus computers
  • Appeals / Remittance of Fees
  • Public Transport Concession Card

Note we operate as a national team so although we are based at different campuses, we can support all students nationwide.

We can be contacted Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm by:
Telephone – 1300 000 933 

Or just drop into campus and say g’day!


Additional Student Support Services

Ikon is committed to providing a supportive and positive environment for all members of our community and beyond. This extends to providing student support throughout the entirety of your journey with us, through the provision of the following services:


Our orientation week (O-week) program has been developed to equip you with the tools to succeed at Ikon, and to ensure that all our students have equivalent opportunities for a successful transition into and progression through their course of study, irrespective of their educational background, entry pathway, mode or place of study.

During O-week, we conduct a number of orientation sessions covering:

  • behaviours that we expect of you as a condition of your enrolment
  • important dates
  • key locations on campus
  • Ikon facilities
  • Student academic and wellbeing services
  • Health and safety on campus, including emergency procedures
  • Sexual assault and sexual harassment policies
  • consent
  • safety and security online
  • student Experience Team contact details
  • question time
  • social activities
  • tour of the facilities including the library
  • academic preparedness
          • Key learning outcomes
          • Academic integrity and misconduct
          • Scholarly writing
          • Sourcing literature
          • Software and materials required for the course
          • Tips for study techniques
          • Key staff contact details

    It is compulsory for all new students to attend O-week.  But more importantly, it will ensure that you will transition successfully into your studies at Ikon!

    Student Handbook

    The Student Handbook contains information on services, facilities, resources available to students, contact details for key members of staff at Ikon, and other relevant information to assist you with your studies.  You will be provided with a copy of the handbook during your orientation, and it can also be found in the Student Hub in Canvas.


    Grievances and Appeals

    At Ikon, we are determined to ensure you have a great experience and are successful in your studies. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to feel safe and supported while you study with us.  If you have a grievance or complaint please see a member of our Student Experience Team.  We will always endeavour to find a solution for you, but if you don’t feel satisfied with the outcome, there is a formal Grievance and Appeals policy and procedure available to all students.

    If you wish to lodge a complaint or concern about Ikon, you can contact the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency


    Students have access to a range of on-campus facilities.
     A quite space with a range of resources that may also be borrowed.
    Break-Out Rooms
    Available for students to study and have lunch. A fridge and microwaves are available for use.
    Wi-Fi access
    All campuses have full student Wi-Fi access. Login details are available during orientation.
    More details of the facilities provided at our campuses can be found here.

    Reasonable Adjustment

    Ikon is committed to providing reasonable adjustments to ensure equal opportunity and participation for students with additional needs that may affect the student learning experience. If you have additional needs, you may be entitled to reasonable adjustments to learning resources, learning environment, teaching method or assessment conditions. Please speak with a member of the Student Experience Team so that we can work with you to provide practical, individualised support to assist you to succeed with your studies.

    Emergency Contact Details

    If you are witnessing an emergency or a crime, dial 000.  This number is free, and it will direct you to the police, fire, and ambulance services.

    Stay calm, don’t panic, and contact the campus Student Experience team as soon as possible.

    Useful telephone numbers

    Equity and Diversity

    At Ikon, we value diversity of knowledge thought, and experience and believe that a collaborative and inclusive culture is important for learning, teaching, and research. Equity in regard to representation of socio-economic status, gender, cultural diversity, indigenous Australians, disability, and sexual orientation is important to a fair and just Ikon community and a broader just society.

    We provided support for specific equity groups including:

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
    • people from lower socio-economic backgrounds
    • people with disability
    • people from remote, rural, or isolated areas
    • people who are the first in their family to attend a university or other higher educational institution
    • people from non-English speaking backgrounds
    • women, especially in areas of study where they have been under-represented
    • people who identify as being LGBTQIA+

    We are dedicated to ensuring that all our students have an equal opportunity to fully participate in their education and succeed in their chosen course of study.   

    If you would like to know more, please talk to a member of our Student Experience team.

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