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Early Childhood Education

Intake May 2021 | Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

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Ikon offers CRICOS approved, Higher Education qualifications to International Students.

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#FindYourWhy with Ikon

Face to face delivery is an essential part of quality learning. Ikon’s experienced teaching staff will support you during your studies and share a variety of real-life approaches and experiences to help you develop your professional skills, and feel confident and career-ready, upon completion of your course.

do i have to be good at art

Smaller class sizes creating a dynamic and supportive learning environment for students

5 Ways Ikon Will Prepare You for A Rewarding Career

A journey that mixes theory with experiential processes to ensure students obtain a deeper understanding of what is being taught

do i have to be good at art

Student support through the entire lifecycle of your learning, with our dedicated team of Student Counsellors and Academic staff

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Open Day

Open Day is your chance to experience Ikon by visiting a campus. You will have the  opportunity to learn more about your study options, speak directly to staff and students, and experience a campus tour.  Find out how to find your why with the Ikon Institute of Australia by attending Open Day at your nearest campus.

“Ikon made me feel really prepared for entering into the workforce due to their high emphasis on practice sessions between the students. Within the first few months we were already practicing the skills as we learned them. This gave me the confidence to start working right away…”

Michael Rosenberg

International Student

I chose to study with Ikon as the enriching, vibrant and inspiring curriculum and content was so exciting and taught in such a practical and immersive way that I couldn’t wait to dive in. Ikon also demonstrated high levels of student employment post study which also impacted on my decision to choose them…

Sarah Manning

Arts Therapy Graduate, 2020

If you take the course, you will read real philosophical, scientific, therapeutic, and literary texts, and the degree of knowledge you will be exposed to through the readings and coursework is practically limitless. In as much as there is no way to assimilate it all, so the expectation is, again, radically different…

Julian Cerreto

Counselling and Psychotherapy Student, 2020

International Students

Ikon also offers CRICOS approved, Higher Education qualifications to International Students as well.

Coming to study with the Ikon Institute of Australia gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the unique wonders of Australia.

With our campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide you get to choose where you will explore a new culture, gain a new global perspective and make friends from all over the world.

“Ikon is one of the most affordable learning institutions compared to other institutions. However, despite it being affordable, it does offer quality education for example; students have the privilege of interacting with lectures while in other institutions it’s not the case.”

Samuele Muene

International Student

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