Propelling Individuals Toward Life-Altering Careers

Ikon has a strong focus around authentically connecting and nurturing the unique potential within each person. Whether your passion lies in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Arts Therapy, or Early Childhood Education, we’ll guide you on a journey toward a deeply rewarding career.

Why Ikon?

We foster curiosity and self-development through meaningful learning experiences. Discover why Ikon is the next step for you

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Various scholarship opportunities are available for both domestic and international students

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Cultivating the next generation of life changers

Fostering curiosity and self-development through meaningful learning experiences in creative therapies, counselling, psychotherapy and early childhood education.

Why Ikon?

Fostering curiosity and self-development through meaningful learning experiences. See why Ikon is the next step for you

Upcoming Events

Register now for one of our upcoming Open Days, Webinars and/or Information Sessions


We offer various scholarship opportunities for both domestic and international students

How To Apply

Please ensure you send in your application as early as possible to secure your place in one of our programs

Our Courses

Arts Therapy

Foster self-expression and study Arts Therapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Challenge yourself to change lives and study Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Early Childhood Education

Turn your teaching dream into a reality and study Early Childhood Education.

Your Career Journey. Supported.

Our courses are ambitious and require you to give your all. But you’ll be supported at every stage of your journey with us and beyond. Before you even begin, we make sure the course is aligned to your goals, abilities, and your mindset. You’ll then have unmatched access to our dedicated support staff and academic staff. We believe it pays to have experts in human care rallying behind your success.

Boutique learning experiences.

As a specialist institute, we deliver world-leading instruction with the luxury of more intimate class sizes. We believe minds absorb best when people feel comfortable and heard. We have a range of electives that you can curate around your individual passions, and you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your educators.

Globally aware, community driven.

The world has never been more connected or motivated by common beliefs. At Ikon, we stay eyes-wide-open to issues impacting our community and our world. Everything that matters to you – from social justice to human rights to sustainability – is interwoven into the specialist content we teach.

Potential unearthed.

Through your journey at Ikon, you’ll uncover just as much about your own potential as you’ll develop the ability to really understand and connect with others. There is no more rewarding feeling than getting to see what you’re really made of as you positively impact other lives. Our degrees are built for those who want to nurture their intellect but also deeply reward the soul.

Feed your intellect. Nourish your soul.

Our degrees explore deeper, challenge more and ultimately reward you on a more holistic level. Our unique approach takes you on a journey where you’ll learn as much about yourself as you will about positively impacting the world through changing the lives of others.

FEE-Help Approved Courses

Ikon course fees are structured on a per subject or module basis. We offer flexible payment options including:

  1. Deferment of tuition fees via the Australian Government FEE-HELP loan scheme (if eligible).
  2. Upfront payment before each trimester.
  3. Mix of upfront payment before each trimester and partial deferment of tuition fees via FEE-HELP.  


Ikon’s higher education courses are approved for FEE-HELP. For more information about FEE-HELP, visit the StudyAssist website.

About Ikon

Ikon is a private Institute of Higher Education in creative therapies, counselling and psychotherapy and early childhood education. Ikon has been helping people help others for over 30 years.
Ikon exists to propel individuals towards life-altering futures. We do this by fostering curiosity and self-development through meaningful learning experiences.


Level 3, 127 Rundle Mall
Adelaide, SA 5000


Level 4, 243 Edward Street
Brisbane City, QLD 4000


Level 4 and 6, 601 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


Level 1, 65 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Student Stories

I chose to study with Ikon as the enriching, vibrant and inspiring curriculum and content was so exciting and taught in such a practical and immersive way that I couldn’t wait to dive in. Ikon also demonstrated high levels of student employment post study which also impacted on my decision to choose them…

Sarah Manning


Studying at Ikon has been an incredible learning experience supporting both my professional and personal development. The course is designed so that there is a very real opportunity to encounter a significant and meaningful transformation of self. When I reflect on who I was and how I thought about the world when I began the course I feel immensely thankful to see who I’ve now become…

Isabelle Ruiz


International Students

Ikon offers higher education qualifications to international students with a range of CRICOS-approved courses. Ikon will provide you with a unique education experience and, with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, you get to choose where you will study, explore and gain a new global perspective.

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Independent Higher Education Australia.

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