2024 Scholarships

At Ikon Institute of Australia, we proudly offer a wide range of scholarshipsfor students across all our programs. See below for the scholarships available for 2024.

International Students

Why Ikon?

As an Institute of Higher education that is dedicated to propelling students toward more meaningful careers, we pride ourselves on our values as an institute and a community.

Endless Curiosity

We value discovery over knowing. We pride ourselves on staying open-minded, vulnerable, and inquisitive. As a business and as individuals, we know we don’t have all the answers. We invite questions and we actively listen and explore, to help us improve and grow.

Deeply Ambitious

We are extremely passionate about what we do. By guiding others to find their own fulfilment and success, we in turn realise our own dreams. We are driven to maximise our impact, in our community and in the world, through the pursuit of better and we never stop honing our craft.

Future Focused

We constantly look beyond ourselves to ensure that we remain relevant, progressive, and inspiring. We stay aware of the global landscape, education trends, environmental matters, and social issues. We continually innovate and stay connected to what matters to our community.

Positively Different

Our diverse cultures, backgrounds and individual ways of thinking makes us stronger as a whole. As a business and a community, we are united by shared values and passion. We fiercely protect the need to respect and celebrate our unique qualities and ideas.

Self Discovery

We believe the biggest transformations come from within. Through learning to help others, we learn about ourselves. We see a student’s interaction with us as a journey ventured together into new territory, intellectually and emotionally. We arm the individual with the tools to carve their own unique path.

Human At Heart

We always put people first. Our courses are about human interactions and helping others. We know minds are most receptive when they feel respected and safe. We display an exceptional level of care, empathy, and support to all members of our community.

Start Your Journey With Ikon!

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