Ikon is now offering distance learning options for the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts Therapy
  • Bachelor of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Diploma of Arts Therapy
  • Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Distance Learning FAQS

Why Distance Learning?
Ikon realises not everyone has the flexibility to travel to one of our inner-city campuses or you may live in a location where we don’t deliver our courses. Offering our same courses but via online distance learning offers you new opportunities.

Ikon provides online access which allows you to participate in lectures, ask questions, submit your assessments, meet and work alongside other students, access e-books and journals, check your results and do that all, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best of all, all our classes are held live with lecturers, so the experience is the same as if you were on campus.

Are all classes online?
Ikon has blended classes which means you have a live teacher who you link with through a zoom video link. All classes are in real time, not delayed or pre-recorded.

Do I have to attend my online classes at the scheduled time or can I view them at any time?
Although our classes are often recorded for you to view again, you do need to attend the timetabled lectures.

How many classes do I have?
A typical full-time enrolment is three subjects per trimester so that means timetabled three classes per week. Each class is three hours so that is a total of nine hours a week of face-to-face online classes.  In addition to your online class times, you will then spend time on self-directed learning outside class complete prescribed readings, practice skills, research, study and complete assessments.  We suggest you spend around ten hours per week per subject on self-directed study.  Some weeks you may need more time to study, some weeks you may need less.  This is a good guide of workload though.

When are my classes?
Classes are scheduled across two days a week. On one of those days you have a morning class, a lunch break and then an afternoon class. Your third class is in the evening from 5.30pm-8.30pm.

What computer equipment do I need?
Zoom video conferencing can be used on pretty much any device. It is best to have a fairly recent Mac or PC. You are also able to use an iPad (or equivalent) but you may need a keyboard.  You will also be using Canvas, a learning management system to access your files, and to upload your assessments.

Is this course different from your regular courses?
No – apart from the delivery method, you learn the same things and you have the same interactions and time with teachers and with other students.

What else does Ikon do to provide me support online?
Ikon has online academic support sessions available for all students. We also provide online counselling for all students.   Support sessions are offered at no charge to you.

What about library access?
We have comprehensive online library resources for books, academic journals and other resources you may need.

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