How to become a counsellor

Have you always been drawn to helping people? Are you ready to trade in your desk job for a rewarding career? Here’s how to become a counsellor…

Are you Drawn to Helping Others?
People make the decision to become counsellors at various times of life. Some have known from a young age that this is the right career choice for them. Others have a life-changing experience that calls them to become a therapist. And others make a deliberate decision to change professions because they need more human interaction or more flexibility.

A Truly Rewarding Career
Counselling is a growing industry that combines rewarding work, flexibility, and A variety. There are few things more fulfilling than helping another person make positive changes in his or her life. Skilled counsellors empower people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their relationships with others, communicate more effectively, and learn better ways to resolve conflicts.

Are you seeking flexibility in your Career?
Counselling is a great career choice for people who need additional flexibility in their lives. Whether you want a better work/life balance, or need the flexibility to work around childcare or eldercare schedules, counsellors often have the luxury of setting their own schedules. Counsellors in private practice work for themselves and are able to set their own hours.

Be employed in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country.
There is currently a strong demand for skilled counsellors in Australia and across the world. As awareness and incidents of mental health problems increase, we need a workforce that is well equipped to meet the wide range of challenges and opportunities this brings. Counsellors are needed in a variety of sectors from elder care to schools to mental health clinics.

Study Pathways to becoming a Counsellor
Because of the strong impact that counsellors have on their clients, excellent training programs and qualifications are critical. There are several different educational pathways to become a counsellor, including Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Bachelor’s degrees. This provides a range of opportunities for entering the workforce, and for continuing education later in your career. Counsellors also have the option of specialising in areas such as drug and alcohol treatment, youth work, and transpersonal approaches. Advanced training in a particular specialisation provides advanced knowledge and techniques to maximise positive outcomes for your clients.

Many professionals pursue additional training as they gain experience, transitioning from a good counsellor to a great counsellor. Learning institutions such as the Ikon Institute offer flexible delivery options that allow students to continue their studies while they work. This enables students to immediately implement learning by practising techniques and skills immediately while receiving direct supervision from experts in the field.

At Ikon Institute of Australia, we are determined to propel individuals toward life-altering futures. We do this by fostering curiosity and self-development through meaningful learning experiences with our courses in CounsellingArts Therapy, and Early Childhood Education.

A rewarding career awaits you, and we'd love to help you along the path.

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