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Propelling individuals towards life-altering futures

Ikon is a private Institute of Higher Education in creative therapies, counselling and psychotherapy and early childhood education. Ikon has been helping people help others for over 30 years.

Ikon exists to propel individuals towards life-altering futures. We do this by fostering curiosity and self-development through meaningful learning experiences.


Dr. Rafael Locke first established the ‘Ikon Institute of Healing Arts’ in 1988 to educate practitioners in transpersonal psychotherapy through a therapeutic framework. The inspiration for the original vocational courses came from Dr. Locke’s extensive experience gained through research, training and practice in anthropology, psychoanalysis, humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy, holistic and nutritional medicine, behavioural medicine as well as parapsychology and neuroscience.

In 2008, the business became the Ikon Institute of South Australia and in 2010 became Proteus Technologies Pty Ltd trading as the Ikon Institute of Australia.

We expanded our offering beyond the counselling, psychotherapy, and creative therapies space in 2020 after launching our Diploma and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

Today, Ikon is focused on cultivating the next generation of life-changers across a variety of areas of study.

Why Ikon?

As an Institute of Higher education that is dedicated to propelling students toward more meaningful careers, we pride ourselves on our values as an institute and a community.

Endless Curiosity

We value discovery over knowing. We pride ourselves on staying open-minded, vulnerable, and inquisitive. As a business and as individuals, we know we don’t have all the answers. We invite questions and we actively listen and explore, to help us improve and grow.

Deeply Ambitious

We are extremely passionate about what we do. By guiding others to find their own fulfilment and success, we in turn realise our own dreams. We are driven to maximise our impact, in our community and in the world, through the pursuit of better and we never stop honing our craft.

Future Focused

We constantly look beyond ourselves to ensure that we remain relevant, progressive, and inspiring. We stay aware of the global landscape, education trends, environmental matters, and social issues. We continually innovate and stay connected to what matters to our community.

Positively Different

Our diverse cultures, backgrounds and individual ways of thinking makes us stronger as a whole. As a business and a community, we are united by shared values and passion. We fiercely protect the need to respect and celebrate our unique qualities and ideas.

Self Discovery

We believe the biggest transformations come from within. Through learning to help others, we learn about ourselves. We see a student’s interaction with us as a journey ventured together into new territory, intellectually and emotionally. We arm the individual with the tools to carve their own unique path.

Human At Heart

We always put people first. Our courses are about human interactions and helping others. We know minds are most receptive when they feel respected and safe. We display an exceptional level of care, empathy, and support to all members of our community.

Educational Philosophy

Ikon has a strong focus around authentically connecting with and developing the potential in people. Whether your passion lies in the world of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Arts Therapy or Early Childhood Education, you’ll find yourself on a journey towards a deeply rewarding career.

Ikon aims to create a difference through learning and has a strong commitment to facilitating a process of ongoing education for graduates.


Corporate Governance


Board of Directors

Peter Mobbs (Chair)
Professor Andrew Flitman (Independent Director, Chair of the Academic Board)
Daniel Atkin (Independent Director, Chair of the Risk Management Committee),
Adam Davis (Chief Executive Officer)
Lyndon Catzel (Chief Financial Officer)

Academic Board

Professor Andrew Flitman (Chair)
Professor Debra Dunstan (Independent Member)
Professor Alison Elliott (Independent Member)
Dr. Eshan Ahmed (Executive Dean)
Dr Judith Ayre (Head of School, Counselling)
Julie Michlmayr (Head of School, Education)
Elizabeth Judd (Registrar)
Kimberley Kifun (Student Representative, School of Counselling)
Rheena Bautista (Student Representative, School of Education)

Executive Management Team

Adam Davis – Chief Executive Officer
Lyndon Catzel – Chief Financial Officer
Dr Judith Ayre – Head of School, Counselling
Julie Michlmayr – Head of School, Education
Bavya Dharsheni – People and Culture Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I work full time and study?

Ikon recognises that our students need to fit learning around their current lifestyle and commitments. Where possible, the scheduling of all courses takes into account school and public holidays and also considers people currently in the work force. In many instances it is possible to work full time and study an IKON qualification however, you will need to be well organised and have some flexibility within your employment to attend training days.

Why do some courses have a Placement requirement?

Placement is an exciting opportunity and gives students a chance to explore different sectors of their particular industry and to validate their thoughts on where they would like to work once they have graduated. During placement, students are given the opportunity to practice all that has been learnt throughout the course, in a protective and supportive environment (without being expected to know it all!). The length of placement/number of placement hours varies by course to comply with the AQTF standards.

How can I pay my Tuition Fees?
Ikon’s courses are priced by subject or module. Students are able to pay via any of the options below:

  1. Tuition fees deferred via the Australian Government FEE-HELP loan scheme (if eligible).
  2. Payment upfront in advance of each trimester.
  3. Payment upfront in advance of each trimester and partially by tuition fees deferred via FEE-HELP.


Ikon’s higher education courses are approved for FEE-HELP for domestic students. For more information about FEE-HELP, visit the StudyAssist website.

What will I receive upon successful completion of my qualification?

On successful completion of each qualification you will receive an official academic transcript, recognising the achievement of your nationally recognised qualification.

Do you offer Student Support?

We offer a variety of student support benefits including study skills workshops, student support staff, a dedicated placement officer and student counsellors, all with the aim of supporting you through the lifecycle of your learning journey.

Can I receive Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning is an assessment process used to determine the extent to which a student has achieved the learning outcomes of a subject from earlier learning, experience or achievements. Where equivalence of prior learning can be established, the student is exempt from attending that particular subject in order to complete their course.

If you would like to apply for RPL or Credit Transfer, please see our Course Credit and Pathways or contact Admissions at 1300 000 933 or admissions@ikon.edu.au.

How much time out of class time do I need to allow for additional study?

This depends both on the course you choose and can also vary throughout the course. We encourage you to allocate 1-2 days per week of home study. If you are concerned about the level of commitment required, we encourage you to discuss your specific circumstances with the relevant Education Support Officer.

What are the entry requirements?

Ikon has a range of admission pathways available to students of all circumstances and academic backgrounds:

  • Australian Year 12 Secondary School Certificate with a minimum ATAR 60
  • Completion of a VET qualification at Diploma level or higher
  • Completion (or partial completion) of a higher education qualification

Applicants may also gain entry in recognition of their work and life experience. You must be at least 21 years of age at course commencement and provide a written admission statement of 300-500 words explaining how the knowledge, skills and personal qualities you’ve gained through your experiences will help you succeed in your studies at Ikon.

International applicants, and any applicants who did not complete their previous study in English, must evidence a minimum IELTS Overall Score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.5.

You should choose the admission pathway most relevant to your academic background.

To discuss the best pathway for your circumstances, please contact Admissions at 1300 000 933 or via email at admissions@ikon.edu.au (for domestic students) or international@eduholdings.com.au (for international students).

For more information see:

Application Process
Domestic Student Admission Policy
International Student Admissions Policy

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