Why did you choose Ikon?
Ikon is one of the most affordable learning institutions we have in Adelaide compared to other institutions. However, despite of it being affordable, it does offer quality education for example; students have the privilege of interacting with lectures while in other institutions it’s not the case.

How is the course and trainers/lecturers helping you to achieve your study goals?
Personally the course is good since it’s something you’re relating with life experience and not only that it’s equipping one with skills on how to handle ones issues as well as others. In terms of lectures, they are supper cool hence appreciating Ikon management for employing skilled and well organized trainers.

What do you love the most about Ikon?
Lecturers and staff, they are always there to help and support students.

Samuel Munene

International Student, Ikon Institute of Australia

In addition to giving my utmost thanks and appreciation to Ikon’s highly qualified academics delivering an exceptional curriculum integrating both theory and practice to emerging counselling psychotherapists, I would like to thank Ikon’s dedicated staff both in Melbourne as well as the Head Office in Adelaide who were extremely supportive throughout my degree. Challenging, yet necessary, opportunities supporting personal and professional development were provided, which, in my experience, might best be described as having encouraged unfolding transformation and wellbeing.

I was fortunate enough to complete my placement with Ikon in the context of piloting the first steps of a potential future student clinic. The most rewarding component of my placement was being able to provide integrative counselling sessions to volunteering clients, while simultaneously developing skills necessary for practice management.

It feels like I have embodied Ikon’s core vision and mission, which is to encourage its students to reach their greatest potentials for health and wellbeing and share this with others in the community. So, having accepted a position as one of Ikon’s new Student Support Officers, and considering all future endeavours, I hope to carry the seed of this vision forward. If I’m to share a fragment of what has been gained the potentials within it would be enormous.

To anyone considering studying the Bachelor of Counselling and Psychotherapy, I encourage you to remain open to the possibility of change and trust that with patience, dedication, sometimes tears, fears and often laughter, your efforts will in turn nourish the fruits from which you will be rewarded. My experiences with Ikon over the last few years have exceeded all expectations and I am honoured to represent Ikon, and their courses, not only as a student but as an employee.

Candyce Linington

Counselling and Psychotherapy Student, Ikon Institute of Australia

The teachers at Ikon Institute were dedicated to giving the students the necessary tools to explore themselves so they can become competent therapists and care for their wellbeing. They are there to support and encourage you through what can be a challenging course.

Their course in art psychotherapy was a mix of psychotherapy theory with experiential art processes to really experience what you are learning. The three years develop you as a person so you are ready to hold another person’s distress and apply what you have learnt. My final work placement gave me many opportunities to spread my wings in a supportive environment and built my confidence to step into the shoes of therapist. I am currently working part time as an Art Therapist on a 12 month contract with a well-known organisation working with young people. I plan to develop my private practice over this time.

This course could potentially change your life with hard work and is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. Loved every minute!

Josephine Edmonds

Arts Psychotherapy Student

Whilst I am obviously very pleased to receive recognition during my current placement, this is due in most part to you all!

My learning journey together with the ‘exceptional’ experiential journey you have allowed me to gain has contributed to this feedback. Although I have filled out feedback through Moodle over the last 3 years I wanted to personally extend my thanks to you all (including all of the other Brisbane lecturers along the way) in providing me with an enriching and valuable learning opportunity. Whilst Ikon have provided absolutely brilliant content, your incredible knowledge has allowed for a wonderful experience and your knowledge transference has been second to none for me.

Without you all, I am absolutely certain recognition like this would not have been possible for me and that it has come from within a medical model based environment even more substantial. Hats off to you all (including Ikon for employing brilliant staff and delivering this BAP course).”

Amanda Moss

Arts Therapy Student