Campus Facilities

Learning Environment

Classes at our campuses are delivered in modern classrooms, each equipped with a lectern, audiovisual equipment, whiteboard, good natural light, and seating for 25-30 students depending on class size.  In addition, students have access to the following resources to support the achievement of learning outcomes and to enhance the student experience:

  • Clinical and early childhood education practice spaces, which allow students to practice and evaluate skills in small groups are part of our standard educational practice for counselling in particular.
  • Wireless network located throughout the campus to provide maximum coverage and density.
  • Access to learning materials via Canvas (Learning Management System), enabling students to access timetables, assessment results, and all learning materials via the internet.
  • Blended learning technologies such as live video conferencing (Zoom) – for face-to-face teaching at a distance.
  • Telephone and online support capabilities are provided in addition to an onsite Student Experience team providing face-to-face student support and campus administration for our Sydney campus.
  • Students have access to online one-on-one academic support sessions provided by our specialist team of academic specialists.
  • Students have access to online one-on-one counselling services provided by our specialist team of experienced counselling practitioners.
  • Several staff members have up-to-date first aid certification.
  • A number of staff members are trained, mental health practitioners.

Campuses include breakout and kitchen areas where students can prepare light meals, meeting spaces where students can receive support services and study zones which also provide the opportunity for small group work.

Staff facilities include meeting and work areas, which are also accessible by a security-controlled lift with after-hours access via a security fob. Staff also have access to a dedicated meeting room.

Library & Information Resources

Each campus has a library where students can access physical learning resources and books.  Students are also able to use their Canvas login details to access the Libero Library Network System online library resources.

Electronic resources are a crucial part of the library collection providing extensive support for all academic programs. All required texts are available electronically.  Ikon has an annual subscription to full-text electronic databases of premium and scholarly publications through ProQuest. Through a licensing agreement, students have access to e-books and full-text journal titles including thousands of articles for learning and research.

Access to Blended Learning Materials & Resources

Learning Management System (Canvas)

Ikon’s Learning Management System is a password-protected online learning environment called Canvas (sometimes referred to as the Student Portal).  Users (student and academic staff) experience a fast, intuitive interface, simple navigation with full mobility across any device to access learning resources such as unit outlines, lecture slides and notes, lecture recordings of recent lectures and videos for their enrolled course of study, and handbooks and policies related to their enrolment at Ikon.  Further enhancements include IT FAQs, Push News Items, Surveys, and Discipline Interest Groups (Forums).

Students at Ikon can complete the following key course-related tasks through Canvas:

  • Access to course-specific information such as unit outlines, lecture materials including weekly readings, multimedia files, and websites including video tutorials, assessment briefs, and marking rubrics
  • Access to Ikon’s policies, guidelines, and forms related to enrolment, assessment, conduct, grievance and appeals, student support etc.
  • Access to a range of resources to support the learning process, including student handbook, tutorials on study skills; time management; referencing, and exemplars.
  • Access to the system to communicate with Faculty, Student Experience team, Academic Support Advisors, Counsellors, and peers for group work etc.
  • Access to up-to-date course-specific events and notices through Push News Items highlighted on the landing page
  • Submit assessment items electronically, including access to Unicheck software
  • View assessment results, grades, and lecturer feedback
  • Conduct online quizzes and surveys
  • Participate in online communication activities such as blogs, forums, and interest groups
  • Access to the online booking systems for Academic Support and for the Student Counselling services


Teaching and learning at Ikon is primarily face-to-face.  Ikon utilises a blended learning model that is currently a face-to-face model also but delivered using distance technology.  All standard teaching materials are available online via Canvas (as noted above) and students have access to support services using distance technology, including the Ikon library, online journals, and student support services.

Academic Support

Each campus provides access to a meeting room for student meetings with academic teaching staff. In addition, students can interact with their lecturers and peers over email and online discussion forums via both Canvas and Zoom.  Students are encouraged to ask for assistance with any academic queries such as subject content, difficulties understanding and applying key concepts, assessment queries, and any general study skills.

Ikon’s academic support program includes workshops and seminars focusing on researching and writing skills; referencing style; electronic resources; time management and general study skills.  Workshops are conducted onsite specific to the needs of our Sydney cohorts and nationally via online workshops with recordings available for reference again at a later date.  Students access the Academic Support Hub via Canvas.

In addition to seminar-based Academic Support, students can book individual appointments with Ikon’s specialist Academic Support Team to help improve the standard of their understanding, knowledge, and skills. These appointments are an opportunity for individual skills support relative to their program of study.

Our onsite Student Experience team members are available to assist students with questions about their academic progression, enrolment, and study load.

Equivalency of Learning

All students at Ikon are supported in their achievement of their anticipated learning outcomes regardless of their course of study, mode of study or campus location. Students enrolled in a course of study at our campuses are all provided the same opportunities and access to learning resources.

Ongoing Facilities & Resource Management

Ongoing facilities and information resources management remain a priority for Ikon to ensure that the need for study spaces, coupled with access to current technology and the continued development of our library and information collections, meets the anticipated teaching and learning outcomes appropriate to the number of students and courses delivered at our Sydney campus.


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