Meet Our Academic Team

Dr. Traill Dowie is the Head of the Counselling, Psychotherapy and Arts Therapy Faculty at the Ikon Institute of Australia, he was the Chair of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Panel for Trauma Standards & Practice, he is a practicing psychotherapist, supervisor and public speakerHe holds dual PhDs, receiving a PhD in Psychiatry from Monash University and a PhD in Philosophy from The University of Melbourne as well as qualifications in psychology, philosophy, sociology, history of ideas and Jungian psychology. 

Dr Dowie holds Masters degrees in counselling and psychotherapy as well as mind and society. He has extensive knowledge of European philosophy and psychotherapy, including existential and phenomenological systems. 

Dr. Dowie’s academic life and public lectures cover a broad range of interdisciplinary topics that relate to the human condition; psychiatry, psychotherapy, trauma, continental philosophy, philosophy of mind, anthropology, health and wellbeing, and human optimisation. 

Dr Tra-ill Dowie

Head of Faculty, Melbourne Campus

Dr Joshua Comyn is a psychotherapist, lecturer, researcher and writer based in Melbourne, Australia. Before turning to the practice of psychotherapy, Josh completed a PhD at The University of Melbourne in which he explored the nature of human subjectivity through literature, philosophy and history.

Josh’s approach to teaching is to challenge students to think and experience themselves beyond narrow presuppositions about how the world is or is supposed to be. His teaching is filled with invitations to think and feel deeper and further about the world and our place in it. For Josh, psychotherapy is the practice of listening, speaking and being with people in a way that allows them to integrate (make whole) their experience of themselves, of others, and of the world. An integrative approach to psychotherapy is one that views any single-school approach as limited — people are always more complex than psychotherapeutic theory, and integration entails an openness to the complexity of being human.

Josh uses mentalization-based practices that cultivate the ability of clients to see themselves from the outside and others from the inside. Being able to feel and understand an experience from multiple perspectives is the first step towards the integration of that experience. This is the first step we all take towards healing.

Dr Joshua Comyn

Academic Team Member, Melbourne Campus

Dr Daniel R. Rothschild is a lecturer in the Bachelor of Counselling and Psychotherapy course. After completing a Bachelor of Music, specialising in composition, from the University of Adelaide, Dan began an Advanced Diploma of Counselling and a Bachelor Degree in anthropology.

After completing his Advanced Diploma and attaining First Class Honours in anthropology, Dan completed a PhD in Social Theory from the University of Melbourne. Dan has previously practiced clinically as a transpersonal counsellor and more recently practices as an integrative psychotherapist. He has been invited to speak about his own work at academic conferences in Melbourne, the University of California, Berkeley, the Centre for American Studies in Heidelberg, Germany, and at the 200th anniversary celebration of Walt Whitman’s birth in Long Island, New York.

Dr Daniel Rothschild

Academic Team Member, Melbourne Campus

Gayle is a professionally registered, Experiential and Creative Arts Therapist (MA. AThR – ANZACATA), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and Teacher (BEd. QCT). She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of therapeutic, educational and professional settings. Gayle worked as an arts therapist with young people form refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds within a high school based art Therapy Program, in Primary schools with young children from indigenous backgrounds and at a domestic violence refuge with families. She currently works in private practice with children, and adults, and NDIS participants. Gayle’s work is underpinned by person centred, trauma informed practices, and current understandings in interpersonal neurobiology. She utilises experiential activities, psychoeducation and the therapeutic relationship to support the development of self-understanding, self – regulation, personal resources, and the possibility of new ways of being in the world. Gayle is passionate about validating and enriching the lives of individuals and communities through collaboration and creativity. She values lifelong learning and being part of a multidisciplinary team.

Gayle King

Academic Team Member, Brisbane Campus

In addition to her academic role at Ikon, Rebekah is a creative arts and equine-assisted psychotherapist based in the Adelaide Hills region. As a registered NDIS provider, her client base is diverse. She works extensively in the realms of autism, mood and personality disorder, depression, anxiety, trauma, complex grief, addictions and various disabilities.

Following a 16-year career as a digital producer in the arts and creative media industry, she qualified as a creative arts therapist in 2012. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, a Graduate Diploma in Art Psychotherapy and is currently undertakingher Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Rebekah is also a certified equine-assisted psychotherapist, working with horses as her therapeutic assistants.

Rebekah Popescu

Academic Team Member, Adelaide Campus

Jade Nolan is an academic at Ikon’s Adelaide campus where she encourages students, through on-going discourse, to explore and challenge the assumptions they hold about what it means to be human. She emphasises experiential learning, valuing a classroom of reciprocity and the co-creation of new ideas, new meanings, and new understandings.

Outside of Ikon, Jade works as an integrative psychotherapist in private practice holding an undergraduate degree in Behavioural Science and a Master of Counselling Practice, facilitating clients with self-exploration and growth.  

Jade Nolan

Academic Team Member, Adelaide Campus

After graduating as an Art Therapist from La Trobe Uni, David started a private Art Therapy practice, Healing Images.  He worked as an Art Therapist in hospices and a community-based palliative care service. He has also completed 400 hours of psychodrama training with the Melbourne School of Psychodrama and ran an amateur theatre group for promoting personal growth (Cat and Mouse Productions) as director, drama teacher and occasional actor.   

In 2012, he completed a Masters degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy and left working in palliative care organisations to concentrate on my private practice, Healing Images. In 2014, he wrote a play about the consequences of childhood trauma (‘Pandora’s Dolls’) which was performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.  He is interested in the constitution of the self, in the human condition, how we cope with loss and stress, trauma and post-traumatic growth.  His work is informed by psychodynamics, existential theory, narrative theory, sensorimotor approaches to attachment and trauma, and the health benefits of self-expression through the arts, expressive writing and mindfulness. He uses psycho-education to promote understanding of ‘why we are the way we are’ and to normalise our shared human experience.   

For David, helping people overcome the difficulties of the past to free themselves to create more fulfilling lives is a great joy. 

David Champion

Academic Team Member, Melbourne Campus

Ingrid Stotesbury is an artist, arts therapist, musician and lecturer. She has extensive experience working with at risk children and youth who have a history of abuse and trauma, as well as many years of work in the areas of drug and alcohol and mental health. Ingrid has been lecturing in the Arts Psychotherapy courses at Ikon for over 5 years, and has a passion for providing an exciting and life changing learning experience for the students she works with. She has a Masters in Creative Arts Therapies, has presented at the Australian Therapeutic Communities Conference and has been part of award winning service delivery teams to vulnerable youth.

Ingrid Stotesbury

Academic Team Member, Perth Campus

Roman’s training and assimilative integration is grounded in Jungian Sandplay training, registered as a Certified Sandplay Therapist with the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (Zurich). Selectively incorporating practices from humanistic person-centered and systemic family therapy trainings, and registering with a variety of professional organisations, Roman has training and supervision in guided imagery and music therapy (Melbourne University), expressive therapies (Ikon Institute), and couple counselling (Relationships Australia). Roman searches for common elements across different theoretical systems to include a pluralistic integrated psychotherapy. He is the current Convenor of the PACFA College of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators, a national College dedicated to supporting counselling and psychotherapy educators and advancing counselling and psychotherapy education in Australia. He has conducted group experiential work and rites of passage work in the Canadian wilderness with Temagami-Ashinabe Elders, conducted dream incubation in a Mexican Catholic church, and cultural healing with Gunditjamara and Pitjantjatjara elders. He has professional registration with the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP), and clinical registration with PACFA. He has kept a dream journal since 1981 and believes in his dreams. 

Roman Ilgauskas

Academic Team Member, Brisbane Campus

Donika Fazliu is a graduate of Ikon’s Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy and is currently undertaking a Masters of Arts Therapeutic Practice. She is an established visual and performing artist, has a building Arts Therapy private practice and facilitates group workshops. Donika’s practice values embodiment and movement as an intermodal approach to arts therapy, as well as practices in a trauma-informed manner. She has lived experience working with at-risk adolescents and children, and predominantly works with young adults. She believes experiential learning is a fundamental aspect of being and takes great care in delivering student’s an authentic, rich and meaningful learning experience.

Donika Fazliu

Trainee Lecturer, Melbourne Campus