Why Ikon?

Creative Therapies, Counselling & Psychotherapy

Ikon is a private higher education and international education provider in creative therapies, counselling and psychotherapy. We have been helping people help others for over 25 years.

  • We excel in delivering theoretical and experiential learning to help students become career-ready therapists.
  • We provide support to students across their life-cycle of learning; including orientation , academic skill sessions, counselling, expert lecturers, like-minded students and alumni program.
  • We provide a personalised educational experience that incorporates small class sizes with greater opportunity for guidance. This creates a positive impact on learning through increased time on tasks, tailored instruction and supported classroom participation.
  • Our involvement in the broader community, through our connections with industry, ensures content is innovative, relevant and current to the needs of the sectors in which we operate.

Our teaching staff come from diverse backgrounds and have professional experience in the disciplines they teach, ensuring the examples they share are relevant to current practices.

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Connect With Like-Minded Individuals

Our courses are conducted in a workshop style environment allowing you to express yourself in an open forum of like-minded people. You will be exposed to a broad range of contrasting theories and therapeutic modalities that will enable you to select the appropriate techniques and methods for your clients.

A Rewarding Career

Imagine working in an industry that is exciting, rewarding and growing. We have helped thousands of people like you start their career or supplement their skills to open up additional opportunities in their existing field. Graduates can be found working in private practice, or in specialist roles within aged care, hospitals, schools, community services or other health services.

More Opportunities For You

Our relationships with industry ensures course material is reflective of current industry practices. It also means we are often the first to hear of placement and graduate opportunities.


Can I work full time and study?

Ikon recognises that our students need to fit learning around their current lifestyle and commitments. Where possible, the scheduling of all courses takes into account school and public holidays and also considers people currently in the work force. In many instances it is possible to work full time and study an IKON qualification however, you will need to be well organised and have some flexibility within your employment to attend training days.

Why do some courses have a Placement requirement?
Placement is an exciting opportunity and gives students a chance to explore different sectors of their particular industry and to validate their thoughts on where they would like to work once they have graduated. During placement, students are given the opportunity to practice all that has been learnt throughout the course, in a protective and supportive environment (without being expected to know it all!). The length of placement / number of placement hours varies by course to comply with the AQTF standards.
How can I pay my Tuition Fees?

Payment can be made up front or by instalments. Please contact Ikon for more information.

What will I receive upon successful completion of my qualification?

On successful completion of each qualification you will receive an official academic transcript, recognising the achievement of your nationally recognised qualification.
With a strong emphasis on evidence-based theory and practical techniques, Ikon graduates will emerge job ready and can start applying for work in your chosen career.

Do you offer Student Support?
We offer a variety of student support benefits including study skills workshops, student support staff, a dedicated placement officer and student counsellors, all with the aim of supporting you through the lifecycle of your learning journey.
How much time out of class time do I need to allow for additional study?
This depends both on the course you choose AND can also vary throughout the course. We encourage you to allocate 1-2 days per week of home study. If you are concerned about the level of commitment required, we encourage you to discuss your specific circumstances with the relevant Education Support Officer.
We are here to help you succeed.
What are the entry requirements?

Ikon’s students come from all walks of life but have in common a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others through their work.

The admission criteria below applies to all courses of study:

a) satisfy the admission criteria most relevant to their circumstances

b) satisfy any course specific admission criteria relevant to their chosen course

c) meet the published English Language Proficiency Requirements for their course of interest

d) be at least 18 years of age at course commencement

e) participate in short informal interview

Ikon has a range of admission pathways available to students of all circumstances and academic backgrounds.

The admission pathways are categorised into four groups. Each Applicant Group is described in the Student Selection and Admissions Policy. You should choose the group most relevant to your circumstances and academic background.

If you have any questions about the best applicant group for your circumstances, please contact a Course Advisor at:

Email: admissions@ikoninstitute.com.au
Phone: 1300 000 933

Can I receive Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process whereby knowledge and skills you already have may be recognised. Ikon values existing knowledge and experience irrespective of where or how they were acquired. Applications for RPL must be submitted and assessed PRIOR to enrolling in the course. Assessment includes evidence from a variety of available sources that could include receipt of parchments / transcripts, your resume, work references.

Contact Ikon for further information or click here to view the RPL kit for your qualification.


What kind of work can I apply for?

Ikon graduates can be found working in private practice, or in specialist roles within Aged Care, Hospitals, Schools, Community Services or General Health Services. The opportunities are endless.

Many of our graduates gain employment from their placement position. Other graduates have been successful in gaining employment in job roles that have allowed them to utilise their specific skills within the role. Examples of this include Program Coordinator or Case Manager.

We encourage all Graduates to apply for ‘Therapeutic Roles’ when they are intended to be part of a team. This often means a shift in the roles within the team, which is welcomed by management if it broadens the skill base!

Why aren’t your courses available online in their entirety?

Face to face delivery is an important part of receiving quality training when learning to help others. Ikon’s specialised trainers will support you during your studies and expose you to a variety of therapy approaches and experiences to help you develop your full potential and feel confident and career- ready, upon completion of the course. You’ll be given the opportunity to practice your authentic face-to-face skills in an intimate and supported setting. We do not compromise our teaching methods and student outcomes by offering courses online in their entirety.