What is Art Therapy
Art Therapy isn’t talk therapy with art. It is actually quite different. Let’s answer the question “what is art therapy?”…

Art Therapy considers the medium, the symbols, and imagery as an alternate language, and the therapy involves the process and products created ‘talking’ with the client.

The art speaks in metaphor, in imagined worlds, and the media itself and action of engaging with the media converses with people through their senses.  For instance, if a client struggles with mess and dirty hands, using charcoal might be a challenge, but might also ultimately be a good exercise in coping with mess and dirtiness in everyday life.

In art therapy training students learn about a wide variety of media, about the sensory qualities of art-making, and techniques that can be used to elicit certain experiences and outcomes.

Students learn about human development, both physical and psychological, about mental health and illness, about contemporary approaches like CBT and mindfulness.

Students learn to use art for its ‘incidental therapeutic qualities’ – like the relaxation people experience when they are colouring in, through to ‘directed therapeutic qualities’ where the art is used specifically to help a person with a particular life challenge, (depression or even something more complex like a dissociative Identity disorder).

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