How to choose the right education provider is a common and important question for someone considering study.
There are several factors to consider when determining the true value of education and your educational investment. The most obvious is the cost of tuition but reviewing qualifications and providers on this attribute alone could be a (costly) mistake.


An Investment in Your Future
Paying for higher education is a concern for both existing and future students. Your education is an investment in your future, and the money you spend now will support a higher standard of living in the future. But as with all investments, it is important to understand what your money is going towards and if you are getting good value for your investment.

The average cost for a Bachelor of Counselling degree program in Australia in 2016 was $47,825. A Diploma in Counselling averaged $12,410. The costs of these programs are so different because the requirements and outcomes are distinct. The Bachelor’s degree is a three-year program that provides extensive training and a lengthy clinical placement. A Diploma is an entry level qualification that can be completed in 18 months and requires less direct contact time.

How to Choose the Right Education Provider

The true value of an education goes far beyond tuition costs. When it comes to choosing the right education provider, savvy education consumers consider additional factors, including the amount and quality of direct instruction time, graduation rates of the institution, additional fees (materials, books, etc.), class size, the reputation of the institution, and career preparation. Institutions that deliver superior quality and a more personalised experience may require a larger investment, but may also provide a higher return.

Quality in higher education can be variable. When selecting a higher education institution, it is critical to assess the value of the product. Does the institution employ highly qualified instructors with real world experience to teach small classes? Is the training completely online or does it include opportunities for face to face instruction and peer support? Is attention given to employability and real world skills? It is important to investigate an institution beyond the sticker price in order to determine the true value.


Consider Your Learning Goals
When looking to choose the right eduction provider, it is critical to understand what factors are most important to you. Time commitment and cost are certainly at the top of most people’s list. Yet, even the cheapest and fastest degree program is not a good deal if it doesn’t meet your learning needs or prepare you for a job in your profession. Knowing your motivations, ideal learning environment, and long term goals will all help your decision.

Factory Format Learning Vs Students Engaged in Learning
IKON students are self-motivated, curious, and engaged. They are looking for a program that supports their curiosity while delivering practical and marketable skills.

IKON provides excellent value to students who want to practice skills in a supportive environment, and who want to exchange lecture-style teaching and self-directed online learning – “factory-format learning”, with an environment that supports deep knowledge, personal growth and intrinsically-motivated-learning.

IKON considers student’s different styles of learning and their need for flexible learning, by blending online learning with small group instruction. We value personal interaction as an important part of your study and an important part of learning to work with people. We therefore do not compromise the quality of your learning by offering our courses online in their entirety.

The Market
IKON’s tuition fees are approximately 25% lower than the average tuition at similar institutions. The table below compares major program components between IKON and other institutions in Australia.

Other Institutions IKON Other Institutions IKON
Program Bachelor of Counselling Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma of Counselling Diploma of Counselling
Face-to-face Instruction Online(0) to 3 hours/week 11.5 hours/week Online(0) to 14 days 56 days
Field Placement Hours Average= 221 240 range from 0-200 hours 50 hour minimum
Duration 3 years 3 years 12-24 months 18 months
Cost Average= $47,000 $36,000 Average= $12,000 $9860


Learning is meant to be a pleasurable, life-long pursuit that is not bound to the confines of a classroom. A great institution maximises meaningful learning experiences while keeping high quality qualifications as affordable as possible.


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IKON delivers nationally recognised Higher Education and VET qualifications throughout Australia with campuses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Byron Bay and soon to be Sydney. We are Australia’s leading provider of Counselling & Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Youth Work and Community Service Qualifications.

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