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Study Arts Therapy or Counselling and Psychotherapy online or on-campus with Ikon Institute of Australia, and become a qualified Practitioner, Art Therapist, Counsellor or Psychotherapist.

Our Courses

Diploma of Arts Therapy
Bachelor of Arts Therapy

Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy
Bachelor of Counselling and Psychotherapy

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A new life-altering career awaits…

Whether you choose to become a clinical practitioner or round out your current calling, our degrees in Counselling and Psychotherapy will open the door to a meaningful career. At the end of either of our dynamic and inspiring programs, you’ll walk away with the experience and ingrained skills to profoundly change lives for the better.


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Ikon Graduate

After a career in Sales & Client Management, Ryan changed careers to become a Behaviour Support Practitioner. Ryan now provides positive behaviour support services to children and adults with complex needs.



Ikon Graduate

Isabelle works as a Psychotherapist in a private practice. She provides support to people with issues concerning self-esteem, relationships and intimacy, somatic difficulties such as chronic illness and pain, grief and loss, along with anxiety, depression and emotional stress.


Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Ikon Graduate

After establishing a private practice, Julian is helping people to get a greater understanding of themselves and their difficulties. Julian provides support to people with mental health issues and couples experiencing relationship problems.

Studying Counselling and Psychotherapy at Ikon…

A well-supported, positive, online community

Studying Counselling and Psychotherapy via Distance Learning presents a great alternative to our on-campus classes, with:

  • live weekly lectures with your teacher, not just pre-recorded materials.
  • a small class, giving you the opportunity to actively listen, learn and communicate with your lecturer and classmates.
  • the chance to meet and interact with some of your peers at on-campus week-long intensive subjects, or even special retreats.
  • real-life industry placement opportunities that provide you with the essential experience to become a therapist.

As our classes are run live by our highly qualified lecturers, you will feel like you’re in the classroom!

We fuse multiple disciplines because humans are complex

At Ikon we curate unique learning experiences from a range of diverse fields to create our best-in-breed Counselling Psychotherapy degree. Our students learn to deeply understand humans, and humans are influenced by everything from culture to social issues, trauma to dreams.

Awaken your curious mind

Our Counselling and Psychotherapy courses will challenge and open your mind like never before. It is as much about a journey in self-discovery as it is about equipping you with the abilities to transform the lives of others. We believe in a holistic approach, daring the intellect, whilst nurturing the body and spirit.

To really look deep within, we like to get away

Our industry-leading Counselling and Psychotherapy degrees take a progressive approach to learning, incorporating the latest in global education and cultural trends. The global shift towards total wellbeing and the power of connectedness, is why we offer retreat electives twice a year and include things like meditation and music within our program to open minds to new ways of thinking.

Your Dream. Supported.

Our degrees are ambitious and require you to give your all. But you’ll be supported at every stage of your journey with us and beyond. Before you even begin, we make sure the program is aligned to your goals, abilities, and your mindset. You’ll then have unmatched access to our dedicated support crew and academic staff. We believe it pays to have experts in human care rallying behind your success.

Boutique learning experiences.

As a specialist institute, we deliver world-leading instruction with the luxury of more intimate class sizes. We believe minds absorb best when people feel comfortable and heard. We have a range of electives that you can curate around your individual passions, and you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your educators.

Globally aware, community driven.

The world has never been more connected or motivated by common beliefs. At Ikon, we stay eyes-wide-open to issues impacting our community and our world. Everything that matters to you – from social justice to human rights to sustainability – is interwoven into the specialist content we teach.

Potential unearthed.

Through your journey at Ikon, you’ll uncover just as much about your own potential as you’ll develop the ability to really understand and connect with others. There is no more rewarding feeling than getting to see what you’re really made of as you positively impact other lives. Our degrees are built for those who want to nurture their intellect but also deeply reward the soul.

Feed your intellect. Nourish your soul.

Our degrees explore deeper, challenge more and ultimately reward you on a more holistic level. Our unique approach takes you on a journey where you’ll learn as much about yourself as you will about positively impacting the world through changing the lives of others.

FEE-Help Approved Degrees

Ikon’s courses are priced by subject or module. Students are able to pay via any of the options below:

  1. Tuition fees deferred via the Australian Government FEE-HELP loan scheme (if eligible).
  2. Payment upfront in advance of each trimester.
  3. Payment upfront in advance of each trimester and partially by tuition fees deferred via FEE-HELP  


Ikon’s higher education courses are approved for FEE-HELP. For more information about FEE-HELP, visit the StudyAssist website.

What Our Students Say

Ikon’s highly qualified academics deliver an exceptional curriculum integrating both theory and practice to emerging counselling psychotherapists, I would like to thank Ikon’s dedicated staff both in Melbourne as well as the Head Office who were extremely supportive throughout my degree…


Ikon Graduate

Ikon made me feel really prepared for entering into the workforce due to their high emphasis on practice sessions between the students. Within the first few months we were already practicing the skills as we learned them. This gave me the confidence to start working right away.


Ikon Graduate

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Applications are now open for Trimester 3 2024 (September).

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