Finding a job after graduation is one of the most exciting, and potentially anxiety producing, times of life. The IKON Institute is dedicated to helping our graduates put their best foot forward and land their dream job. At IKON, we care about each of our students, and work with them to explore employment opportunities that are meaningful and fulfilling. It isn’t enough for us to train good therapists – our goal is to help you to become a GREAT therapists who makes a difference in our communities and in our world. We are excited to help you explore this next phase of your journey.


  • At IKON, your career preparation begins with your first contact with us. Each potential student speaks with a Course Advisor, to listen to your career goals, gain an understanding of your availability and ideal timeframe, and recommend the best qualifications to suit your individual needs and objectives. Once enrolled, our orientation program helps new students become familiar with our campus, facilities, and the IKON Philosophy. Having clear goals and expectations and being familiar with the resources available to you is the first step towards creating the future you want.


  • At the core of the IKON Institute philosophy is our mission to train great therapists who continually develop their own potential, while facilitating social change and individual healing. We do this in several ways. Our combination of both experiential and theoretical learning allows students to gain real world skills and explore the wide variety of career paths open to them. Our focus on personal development and reflective practice ensures that our students care for and better know themselves before entering the helping professions. Our belief in free intellectual enquiry and the potential of all people exposes our students to a wide range of contrasting theories and approaches from which to draw.


  • IKON students receive support throughout their enrolment- and beyond! At IKON, you are not just a number, but a valuable member of our learning community. We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and that the relationships developed at IKON can last a lifetime. Our face to face learning requirements mean direct contact and relationships with our dedicated trainers and with fellow students. Placement opportunities expose students to professionals and organisations outside of IKON, which helps define career paths and can even lead to job offers. IKON students can also take advantage of special workshops, dedicated support staff, online resources, and alumni connections.


  • Therapists who are aware of their own needs and stresses are more likely to avoid burnout and have a rewarding career. At IKON, all students are encouraged to access our dedicated student counsellors. Participating in therapy helps you reflect upon your own learning experience, process the material you’ve been learning, and experience therapy from the client perspective. These valuable services are available for IKON students for just a $10 administrative fee.


  • At IKON, all of our trainers are practicing therapists. Bringing years of practical professional experience, our trainers are able to provide students with contemporary and relevant content. Their understanding of the current needs of clients and the overall industry gives IKON students a clear picture of the skills needed and the challenges and rewards that await. As working therapists, our trainers have strong connections to the industry. They are often the first to hear about employment opportunities for recent graduates, or about organisations looking for students for placement.



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