About Us

Our History

Dr. Rafael Locke first established the ‘Ikon Institute of Healing Arts’ in 1988 to educate practitioners in transpersonal psychotherapy through a therapeutic framework. The inspiration for the original vocational courses came from Dr. Locke’s extensive experience gained through research, training and practice in anthropology, psychoanalysis, humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy, holistic and nutritional medicine, behavioural medicine as well as parapsychology and neuroscience.

In 2008, the business became the Ikon Institute of South Australia and in 2010 became Proteus Technologies Pty Ltd trading as the Ikon Institute of Australia.

Today Ikon is a private Institute of Higher Education in the broad areas of creative therapies, counselling and psychotherapy, and early childhood education.

Educational Philosophy

Ikon has a strong focus on the cultivation of professionals that support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians. Ikon’s educational philosophy is grounded in functional and evidence-based humanism, whilst validating and utilising the wisdom and experience of global intellectual and spiritual traditions. In addition, Ikon embraces emerging technologies and digital learning techniques that delivers a learning environment that combines classroom learning and online study activities.

Ikon aims to create a difference through learning and has a strong commitment to facilitating a process of ongoing education for graduates.


Ikon is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in humanistic studies through education, leadership and practice. Ikon’s educational philosophy is grounded, functional and evidence-based humanism, and a commitment to free intellectual enquiry.

To fulfill this mission, Ikon delivers unique courses of study in art therapy, counselling and psychotherapy, and early childhood education.


Board of Directors

Peter Mobbs (Chair)
Dr Leonie Clyne OAM
Adam Davis
Lyndon Catzel

Academic Board

Dr Leonie Clyne OAM
Dr Adrian Bennett
Dr Tra-ill Dowie
Julie Michlmayr
Amon Broughton
Student Representative – vacant

Senior Executive Team

Adam Davis – Chief Executive Officer
Lyndon Catzel – Chief Financial Officer
Dr Adrian Bennett – Dean of Education
Dr Tra-ill Dowie – Head of School, Counselling
Julie Michlmayr – Head of School, Education
Bavya Dharsheni – Group HR Manager

Financial Standing

The Statement of Financial Standing can be found here.