Would you like to have a job that offers you both freedom and an excellent work/life balance? A job that provides you with a steady income but also gives you the opportunity to work flexible hours? A job that fulfills you, enables you to grow, and also improves the lives of others?

Does that sound too good to be true?

Here’s our selection of 6 careers that offer all of those benefits. Most of them provide the opportunity to start your own practice or pursue a part-time career, so they are flexible in terms of the time they demand from you.


1) Hypnotherapist

A hypnotherapist helps people to change their limiting beliefs, reprogram bad habits and overcome fears through hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has nothing to do with the hypnosis demonstrated on tv shows. The patient keeps complete command of their body at all times.

Hypnotherapists not only work flexible hours, but are also free to decide where they work, which does not have to be out of an office. One particularly valuable service that hypnotherapists can offer is helping people overcome their fear of everyday tasks, like going to the dentist. This therapy could take place at the dentist, in your own, or the patient’s, home.


2) Kinesiologist

Kinesiology comes from the greek word kìnesis, which means “movement”. A kinesiologist is a therapist that uses muscle tests to detect blocks in the physical, emotional or energetic balance of the patient with a view to neutralizing them. Kinesiology restores the harmony of the body and mind as the basis for healing the patient. A diploma of kinesiology can be obtained in only 13 months.


3) Counselling

Want a job that aims, above all else, to make people feel better?

If you are a good listener and you enjoy working with and helping people, counselling might be the right career choice on your journey to build a better work/life balance. A counsellor helps their clients to see things more clearly and from different points of view. The goal is to bring about positive changes that improve the quality of their lives. The counselling is not about giving advice, but about providing the client with space to find a better way to deal with their situation.


4) Creative Art Therapist

Never thought you could combine being creative with a reliable and stable income? As a Creative Art Therapist you can. Art Therapy is a very popular and innovative way of helping people. The artistic expression helps patients with depressions or other mental conditions to change and grow. As a Creative Art Therapist you can chose from a lot of specialisations, including Arts Psychotherapy, Dramatherapy or Movement Therapy. A great career where you can be creative and offer a real value for clients.


5) Youth Worker

The term “youth worker” is a collective name for different social work jobs in the youth work sector. As a youth worker you work with disaffected young people with social problems, which can include those related to drug and alcohol abuse. According to the Australian Government Job Outlook, the number of openings in the social worker sector is expected to be above average and employment opportunities are expected to grow very strongly in the next few years. If you are a good listener, you love working with teenagers, and are interested in understanding why people react as they do, this might be the way to go.


6) Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist you will offer help to people when they need it the most. You will learn skills that help your client move forward by working with their mind, body and spirit. Whilst most psychologists pursue a part-time career, their earnings are above average. A private practise offers the ability to work flexible hours and to plan your own appointments. In the past ten years the demand for psychologists has risen very strongly and will likely continue to grow moderately.

The healthcare support field was amongst the top three growth industries in 2015. According to the Federal Employment Department, the number of available healthcare and social assistance jobs is projected to increase by up to 798,000 by 2025.


Interested in a career that offers you flexible hours but good earning potential? Take the first step to a better work life/balance and check out Australia’s leading, specialist provider of therapeutic and human service training at ikon.edu.au. You can learn more about available qualifications by downloading the 2017 prospectus or by attending our next Open Day!